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[ The Need For Africa To Wake Up ]

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[ The Need For Africa To Wake Up ]
    Those who think space exploration is a white elephant project do not have a true grasp of history. Those who think industrialization is a child's play apparently are not enlightened.

    The British took expeditions to the Americas and Africa that paid off through resultant colonies that translated to economic empowerment. This commentary is not about the morality of such expeditions, but their economic dividends.

    Africa has been left behind in terms of industrialization. Africa is the least industrialized continent. There is no doubt about this. What matters now in the modern world, is what is in one's head rather than what is underneath his feet. Nations such as Japan, France, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, that have minimal natural resource, are among the industrialized countries of the world. In contrast almost all the oil or mineral dependent countries are at the bottom scale of industrialization and economic buoyancy.

    Africa needs to wake up now, and not tomorrow. Tomorrow might be too late. African leaders are hereby called to order. Let's pray African Union will wipe off the tears from our eyes. As I said earlier, space exploration is not a white elephant project. It is just another expedition that might translate to economic buoyancy for the countries involved. So Africa wake up, join the rest of the world.

    We hereby again call on African leaders to do whatever it takes to move their respective countries ahead. God Bless and keep you. Thank you for listening.

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