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King of Cyber Nigeria !, Everything about Nigeria, ...News, ...Jobs ...Etc. King of Cyber Nigeria !, Everything about Nigeria, ...News, ...Jobs ...Etc.
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The Nigerian Anthem
Listen to 'African Anthem'
New Miss World Jingle
Nigeria is Beautiful, 'Angel Jingle'

*DO NOT USE! THIS AFRICA MASTERWEB * NCWS president granted bail
* Finance Minister decries poor fiscal policy
* Ahmadu Bello University shut
* Nigerian Labour leaders imprisoned
* Reps move today to arrest defaulting marketers
* ANPP Urges ICPC to Probe Mantu, Others
* Funds Abroad Not Proceeds of Corruption - FG
* FG Sets Up Agric Devt Fund
* 19,000 Nigerians deported for trafficking
* Police Arrest 6 NLC Leaders
* Nigerian civil war blamed on Intolerance
* Nigerians are still suffering, Bayero tells Obasanjo
* Chad invades Nigerian territory
* Buhari advised to stay away
* Controversy trails Senate c'ttee report
* Code of Conduct Bureau can overcome immunity
* Lagos set to close down illegal schools
* Marketers import 45.6m litres of fuel
* Senate's verdict on alleged N54m scam final —Wabara
* External reserves down to $7.4b
* 10 bodies recovered from Nigeria ferry disaster
* Vodafone to invest in Vodacom

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Lightning strike kills 11 in Congo
* New Liberian leader sworn in
* Liberia's new leader faces tough task
* Kenya murder suspects 'tortured'
* Museveni 'to ban' circumcision
* Minerals keeping conflict alive
* Ugandan army rescues more than 400 children
* Liberia greets Bangladeshi soldiers
* Egyptian twins separated in surgery
* Taylor wants to go home
* Africa ponders corruption report
* Hunt for Mbai's murder suspect narrows

* Iraqi Shi'ites clash, one dead
* Sharon buries a stillborn peace plan
* Attack tiger out of quarantine
* 'New' secret Iranian atomic site
* US forces capture Iraqi extremist
* The Pope, a giant bent by illness
* China counts down to space launch
* Saudi Arabia to hold first elections
* Suicide bomb at Turkish embassy
* Bin Laden son up the ladder
* Iraqi minister survives assassination
* Weight key to fighting blood pressure
* S Korea president on shaky ground
* Caribbean boys on death charge
* Naked shoppers clothed for free
* 29 die in psychiatric hospital fire
* Arafat has 'inflamed stomach'
* Doctors separate Greek twin girls

Just African
- A Rising African Star! -
Mercy Ngozi Alu
Miss Alu Poses For Our Cameraman
Miss Alu ranked finalist in the top five for the 2000 Miss Nigeria/USA pageant. She is currently a law student at University of Illinois. Alu is a 1999 graduate of Indiana University, Pennsylvania. She is not only a beautiful talented singer, but very intelligent too! Miss Alu's CDs will be sold on both Nigeria Masterweb and Africa Masterweb, so stay tuned to our sites for more details.
Chect Out Related Article on Miss Alu

    Year 2001
    Year 2002:-
    * Lion 'devours' young lover in Tanzania
    * Plane Crashes in Kano, Over 100 Feared Dead
    * Explosions rock Lagos, perhaps 2,000 dead
    * Samuel Doe's killer is ordained a pastor
    * Uganda rebels force victims to eat corpse
    * South African space tourist lifts off

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[ Sports News ]
Super Eagles racing for the goal
Super Eagles struggle for the ball
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Idi Amin is Dead
Idi Amin
Amin Ex-Ugandan Dictator.

Click For Details=> Idi Amin is Dead

Govt. College Umuahia To Turn 75
Chris Chiwetelu
Engr. Chris Chiwetelu

Govt. College Umuahia
To Turn 75

Saddam's Sons Killed
Saddam's Sons
Saddam's sons Odai & Qusai

Saddam's sons killed

Listen to Africa Web Commentary, where we comment on issues relevant to Africa and the world
Different AfricanTopics
1. Conflicts in Africa
2. The Need for Africa to Wake Up
3. The African AIDS Epidemics

Dr. S. Onipede's
- Corner -
*Nigerian/African Issues
Code Of Violence
Extremism & Irresponsibility
Extremism - Rejoinder

Dr Essop Pahad is minister in the office of the presidency - South Africa
2003 Politics
  • NCP's new logo( & flag )

  • Obasanjo takes oath of office

  • Patriots asks for interim govt.

  • Nigeria on verge of war?

  • Lanre Banjo on '03 election

  • Nigerian Political Parties & Logos

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    The Majestic 'Anthem'
    The Majestic 'African Anthem'
    Composer: Chief Okereke
    The masterfully composed -
    'African Anthem'

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    Listen to Anthem
    Mathaba News

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    Special Editorials

    Wake up Africa!
    Nigeria: An Aids Time Bomb
    Domestic Violence: Human not Gender

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    * Nigerian president meets Taylor
    * About 44 central Nigerian communities submerged
    * Ajuluchukwu died of oesaphagus blockage
    * NJC to Obasanjo: Retire Egbo-Egbo
    * Sharia is Justice, Says Buhari
    * N.65m Bribe Scandal Rocks Police Station
    * ANPP, Arewa, Afenifere Chide FG over Fuel Price
    * Police Arrest 20 over AAU Cult Killings
    * Why Marriages Collapse - Itodo
    * Ika Indigenes in Diaspora Firm on Development
    * US Marines in Niger Delta to protect US investments
    * The Igbo and their vicissitudes (2)
    * N54m BRIBE SCANDAL: Will more ministers testify?
    * Nigerian leaders are dishonest and insincere — Dogo
    * New increase in fuel price: Implications for Airlines
    * 150 feared missing in Nigeria ferry disaster

    AFRICA             Nigeria MasterWeb at:-
    * Kenya's 1st test tube baby soon
    * Morocco to improve women's rights
    * Taylor 'pulling Liberia strings'
    * South Africa dominate Games

    WORLD             Nigeria MasterWeb at:-
    * Philippino terrorist killed
    * Taleban prisoners escape
    * Lone turtle last of its kind
    * Egyptian twins separated in surgery

    Nigeria Masterweb cares about you

    Dr. Jeremiah O. Abalaka
    Dr. Jeremiah O. Abalaka
    A Cure For AIDS ?

    The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil
    'Coconut oil, healthiest oil'
    Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil

    AIDS in Africa
    Africa is worst hit continent
    AIDS in Africa

    AIDS in Asia
    Asia struggles with AIDS
    AIDS in Asia today

    AIDS in Latin America
    Overview of the epidemic
    AIDS in the Caribbean/L. America

    AIDS in E. Europe & Central Asia
    HIV fastest in this region
    AIDS in E. Europe/Central Asia

    Health News/Articles:-

    * Diet to Prevent Diabetes
    * Stammering's 'physical cause'
    * Information on pregnancy
    * Cocoa Drink & Blood P.
    * Race & isk for Lung Cancer
    * Why Some Age Faster
    HIV Vaccines Show Promise
    * Cocoa & Blood Pressure
    * Natural Cancer Prevention
    * Depression 'lowers immunity'
    * Viagra: Stroke Benefits
    * Heart Seal Stops Strokes
    * Predicting Heart Problems
    * Race and Transplant Survival
    * Spirituality & health
    * High Blood Pressure Dangers
    * Rapid Stroke Treatment
    * Blacks Prone to Alzheimer
    * Black skin 'could fight disease'
    * Oxygen & glucose 'boost brain'

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