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[ Conflicts in Africa ]

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[ Conflicts in Africa ]
    They have taken enormous lives; from the Biafran war that consumed over a million lives to the Rwandan genocide that liquidated over 800, 000 lives in just 100 days of ethnic rampage. This ugly inhumane phenomenon continues in Africa.

    Millions of people are currently displaced in Africa as a result of conflicts. These victims are miserably living as refugees in places other than their native homes. Over 9 million Africans are currently living as refugees as a result of wars, and regional conflicts.

    Causes of conflicts in Africa can be summarized as follows:-
          Poor, corrupt, and inept leadership
          Tribalism, or tribal polarism
          Religious polarism
          Artificially established boarders by colonial masters
    All these factors are inter-related, and manipulated by the first factor which is bad leadership. Few countries in Africa with good leadership have been very stable.

    African leaders are hereby called upon to stand up to the task of good governance, or pave way for the right leaders. Africans in general are called upon to vote out corrupt and inept leaders, and usher in a people's oriented leadership. African Union is called to task to ensure good governance in Africa. Let the guns implode, the wooden barrels decompose to fertilize a vibrant agriculture, and the metallic barrels and structures melted for industrialization. Let the ensuing abundance fill up the greedy, for the complete healing of Africa. May God Bless Africa.

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