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Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Nigerian arrested for 419 cheating in India
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Nigerian arrested for 419 cheating in India

- Times News Network

A Nigerian national Anthony Chisaokwe Iheme was arrested on Monday for allegedly trying to cheat the partner of a garment store in Abids. He was booked for cheating, criminal conspiracy and also under the Foreigners Act.

A police press note said that the accused bought a few pairs of trousers and shirts a few days back from Hemant, the partner of a garment store. Iheme told Hemant he was interested in making a bulk purchase amounting to $ 2.5 million from the latter to export to Nigeria, and that the clothes were samples of the purchases he wanted to make.

Iheme reportedly told Hemant that the money for the deal would be sent by his father from Nigeria to Mumbai in cash, the form of a consignment. However, to get the consignment released, he would require $4,000, Ikeme told Hemant. The accused then asked the complainant to pay that amount to get the consignment released. In order to substantiate the deal, Iheme reportedly showed Hemant a letter his father Robert Iheme had sent via e-mail from Nigeria.

The police during the course of investigation found that Anthony struck a bogus deal and was liable to be prosecuted as he had indulged in criminal conspiracy with an intention to cheat the partner of the garment store.

However, police are yet to confirm the identity of the accused as he is in possession of a passport which does not belong to him. The passport he had is that of a friend from South Africa who has a multiple entry tourist visa of six months validity.

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