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[ The African Aids Epidemics ]
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[ The African Aids Epidemics ]
    First of all the AIDS statistics. A total of 25 million people are infected with the HIV virus in Africa. Globally the infection figure is 36 million. An alarming AIDS statistics for Africa? Yes it is, with a whooping 70% of the world's AIDS infection cases.

    Come on, we should not allow this to happen to the continent. We should not have the lion share when it comes to negatives such as poverty, conflicts, and diseases, but a widow's mite when it comes to materialism. It is imperative Africa brings such disgraceful statistics to a stop.

    Africa is endowed with both human and natural resources and should not be poor. Africans are loving people and should not be at war with each other. Africa is endowed with medicinal herbal remedies, extractable from our vast tropical and subtropical rainforests, and should not be ridiculed with epidemics. The continent with all these at her disposal should not accept a failing or low grade in any endeavor. We should rise above all problems, deal with others as partners and not beggars that should be given handouts.

    The solution to Africa's problems is simple. Support or vote-in the right people in positions of leadership. It takes the right leadership to steer the society towards the path to prosperity. A right leadership is one that has its people's interests as the number one priority. Such leadership embarks on programs that will protect the lives and properties of its citizens and at the same time empowering them through the provision of a conducive environment for the fulfillment of their civic responsibilities, career, social, and business aspiration. A conducive environment also includes the provision of good infrastructure, zero corruption tolerant laws, and good public information network.

    We call on all existing governments in Africa to as a matter of urgency transform to a people's government and pursue the best interests of their constituencies. These interests include employment, resolution of conflicts, and public enlightenment on AIDS and its prevention, among others.

    Africans, AIDS is not a myth, but a catastrophic reality. There is yet no known cure for it, but it is preventable through abstinence and the use of condoms. I repeat ABSTIENCE and use of CONDOMS.

    Abstain from premarital sex or fornication, but if you insist on doing otherwise, use a condom.. A word is enough for the wise. Treatment of AIDS with anti-retroviral drugs is neither preventive nor curative. It is just a life supporting measure, all things being equal would lengthen the life of the patient.

    We call on all governments, philanthropists, charitable organizations, individuals, and churches in Africa to disseminate information about AIDS to the public to their best of means and reach. Stress abstinence and the use of condoms in your campaign. The distribution of free condoms has been found to be very effective on its use, so give away free condoms to the best of your ability.

    To Africans and others either listening to this commentary or reading it in print, these are my final words, abstain or use the condom before you find yourself saying, "had I known".

    Thank you all for listening.

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