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    US Couple Linked to Nigerian Forgery Ring

    (Monday, April 19, 2004)

    Newnan, Ga. (AP) -- An Atlanta couple has been linked to a Nigerian check-forging ring after attempting to cash a forged check for $20,804, police said. Britney Caprice Redding, 19, and Adrian Keith Byrd Jr., 26, were arrested earlier this month on suspicion of forgery. Byrd also was arrested on suspicion of obstruction, said Newnan police Detective Sgt. Rick Mires. When Redding tried to deposit a check on April 8, a Washington Mutual clerk suspected it may be counterfeit and called police. A search of Redding's vehicle revealed another forged check and information for several other account holders, Mires said. Byrd was arrested later. U.S. Postal Service investigators are assisting in the investigation.

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