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Support Uwandu For Gov of Imo State

*A Mission & Great Vision For Imo

By Committee To Elect Chief Uwandu

( Tuesday, May 30, 2006 )

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 Committee To Elect Chief Uwandu  Masterweb

"Government must put forward that which brings pride and dignity to its people." -Chief Sam Uwandu

This is an opportunity to elect a tested and trustworthy candidate for Imo governor. The man is Chief Sam Uwandu.

Chief Uwandu's election will bring the best to Imo State and Nigeria in general. It will encourage Nigerian Diaspora participation in local politics, thereby giving the people a larger pool of qualified candidates to choose from. Nigeria needs professionals who have worked hard for their money, exposed to western democracy, participated in American politics and apart from building their own businesses, also assisted others grow their businesses.

When it comes to probity and accountability, Chief Uwandu's qualification in their implementation as a leader is impeccable. Chief Uwandu is a certified public accountant(CPA) in the United States who through his business helps other businesses in financial accountability and management.

Nigerians including those in the Diaspora need to be represented with the people's agenda in the forefront. Chief Uwandu will make the people proud of their state and the country in general.

Chief Uwandu needs the collective support from each and everyone of us to make 2007 a winning year for the people. He needs your financial support. Let us sacrifice a little( be it N1.00, $1.00, N100.00, $100.00 or more ) and collectively we can assist to elect a man that will address the needs of our people.

*(For Nigerians Abroad) -
Please make checks payable to:
Committe To Elect Chief Sam Uwandu
6103 Baltimore Ave Suite 201
Riverdale, MD 20737, U.S.A.
Phone: 240-421-0784

Click Here Make Online Credit Card Donation

*(For Nigerians At Home) -
Please make cash donations at:
Chief Sam Uwandu Campaign Office
120 Wetheral Road
Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria
Telephone: 083-306075 GSM 0806-276-0264

You can also join Chief Uwandu Campaign team by submitting your information on our website or calling any of the phone numbers on this page or on the website.


By Authority of Campaign Committee
Dr. Iyke Dike, Treasurer.

Poster made and paid-for by Chief Uwandu's campaign team. Photo Above: Poster made and paid-for by Chief Uwandu's campaign team. His popularity runs in the millions in Imo State.

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