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Chief Uwandu For Governor of Imo State

*The Mission & Great Vision For Imo

By Committee To Elect Chief Uwandu

( Saturday, May 13, 2006 )

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 Committee To Elect Chief Uwandu  Masterweb

"Government must put forward that which brings pride and dignity to its people." -Chief Sam Uwandu

*Chief Uwandu, the man with a mission for Imo speaks out

The Office of Governor of a State is a highly revered one. It is a top leadership position that comes with humility, intellectualism, poise, professionalism and responsibility. It is a position of trust likened to that existing between partners in business relationships, and between directors of a company and its shareholders. The director must be a solid can do person elected based on his qualifications and technical knowledge to lead the Company to prosperity, so that shareholders can reap the benefits of their investments.

My resume in this regard speaks for itself. I have fifteen years experience as a Financial Expert, two of which was spent in Public Accounting, nearly three years as an Assistant Financial Controller in a Non profit organization, and eleven of which spent in running an accounting firm as founder and chief executive officer.

My financial expertise covers expansive background knowledge in areas of Auditing, Taxation, Financial Management, Economic Planning, Financial Advisory services, Budgeting, and Business development Advisory Services.

These are relevant credentials that match the challenges of fiscal discipline, fiscal accountability, and financial oversight functions which a 21st century leader should have.

Sam Uwandu is better positioned with these credentials to articulate more effective economic policies, and good economic prescriptions that will alleviate the mounting poverty, economic hardships and frustration, currently experienced by the good people of Imo state. Hear him below:-

1. I will restore our Dignity and Prestige in the Educational System in IMO State. Clearly the lack of education of our citizenry and the flight of Imo's Educated Sons and Daughters to foreign Lands have caused a vacuum and placed our development capabilities in a state of Neglect. Under My administration, we will reverse this inadequate system with a state of the art educational system.

2. In My Administration, I will ensure Prompt and timely Payment of salaries to State workers and Pensioners.

3. In my administration as Governor, We will Provide Functional Healthcare system That Includes Modernize Hospitals.

4. When Elected by Imo electorate and given the mandate as IMO State Governor. One of the critical mission of my Administration will be to Maximize Internally Generated Revenue and Reduction of Dependency on Federal Allocation. Imo State has unutilized Natural Resources principally of which is our High Human Resources.

5. One of the main under utilized Natural resources IMO State is its Agricultural sector. As Governor, We will make IMO State Agriculturally self Sufficient.

6. Government must put forward that which brings pride and dignity to its people. We must show and allow religious tolerance to co-exist in Our State. As the next Governor, I will drastically Reduce Corruption in every section of our State. My Administration will showcase accountability in governance, probity and transparency in the performance of our duty to All people of IMO State.

7. The Task untouched by previous administration will be our main goals. We must expand our infrastructure by making available Roads that will open up for transportation of goods and services.Pure Water in IMO State is not so pure. We must have cleaned, drinkable water. We must establish a Department solely responsible for establishing a Clean purified Water System for IMO State Citizens. This is long overdue and my administration will not short cut this project. It will be well funded by State Government.

8. No state or Country can exists in today's modern times without steady Electricity. No Small Business, or Medium size Businesses can function and make jobs available without steady Electricity. My administration will Provides the technology needed for the establishment of Steady Electricity. We will produce Steady Electricity by harnessing various sources of energy available to us, such as wind power, solar energy and Hydroelectric power for our agricultural need as well as for residential and business needs.

9. My Administration will open the line of Communication that will makes handset second nature. Television, computers in schools and for business use will be greatly expanded.

10. In my administration, I declare total war on those who threaten the well being of the citizens of our State. We must make IMO State safe for the Citizens of IMO State. We must be able to assure outside business that wants to do business in IMO State that IMO State is safe for them to open and freely operate a business and fear no threat by tugs. The security and safety issue will not hold the State of IMO hostage under My administration. We will assure private investor of the safety in our State so that they can work in conjuncture with Government and the private sector in proving needed employment for citizens of Our State.

11. Under my administration, we will implement a small business loan program aimed at attracting our sons and daughters in Diaspora. We will establish a youth employment scheme that will engage our youth in meaningful Programs and away from destructive cultism that spurs criminal activities. We must galvanize the abundance of talents we know our youth have. We must capture the problem in Our State and under my administration, employment of our youth will be giving a high priority.

12. We, together, Government and the Private sector, Religious Leaders, Elders, will make IMO State an enviable Twenty First Century Industrial and Technological reference State. We will be religiously tolerant protected by the Constitution of IMO State for all of its various citizens. My Administration will upholds the rights Guaranteed to ALL the people of our state by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I will be your Governor.

*Help me God.

Chief Sam Uwandu Profile At A Glance

- A Peoples person
- Chairman of IMO Forum, USA
- President/CEO Sam Uwandu and Associates, CPA
- Founder and General Overseer, Gods Own Academy, Aba, Abia State
- Member of the Board of trustee, Mbano National Assembly, USA
- Member/Patron, Christ Anglican Church Ezihe, Okigwe Diocese
- Platinum member, American Presidential Task Force
- A 2003 National Leadership Award Recipient and Honorary Chairman of the Business Advisory Committee
- 2003 business of the year award by the National Republican Congressional Council, USA
- Listed IN 2000 AND 2003 Who is Who in America among professionals and executives by the National Registry of who is who
- Member, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Member Maryland Association of CPAs

By Committee To Elect Chief Uwandu

USA Office:-
6103 Baltimore Ave Suite 201
Riverdale, MD 20737, U.S.A.
Phone: 301.927.9335 or 301-927-2506 Mobile: 240-421-0784

Imo State Office:-
120 Wetheral Road
Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria
Telephone: 083-306075 GSM 0806-276-0264

Poster made and paid-for by Chief Uwandu's campaign team. Photo Above: Poster made and paid-for by Chief Uwandu's campaign team. His popularity runs in the millions in Imo State.

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