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--- Press Release ---

United Igbo & Friends celebrate Iwaji

*Iwaji(New Yam Festival), is an Igbo cultural ceremony

- Jonas Obodoefuna, Publicity Secretary

(Thursday, July 21, 2005)

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"Iwaji 2005 promises to be an extravaganza with Igbo traditional ceremony, music, dance, food and drink."

Event: IWAJI 2005 (New Yam Festival)
Date: Saturday 6th August 2005
Time 6.30pm prompt start
Venue: The Drum, Potters Lane, Aston, Birmingham

The United Igbo and Friends in the West Midlands are finalising preparations to stage the largest African event in the Midlands. This annual event is in its seventh year and draws people from all over the United Kingdom and overseas.

IWAJI 2005 promises to be an extravaganza with Igbo traditional ceremony, music, dance, food and drink. There will also be a series of fashion shows to showcase the latest in high society Igbo and Nigerian fashion.

Over the years, this event has proven to bring communities together and demonstrate an important Igbo traditional day in the Igbo calendar year. This year the organisation hopes to do the same. The Mayor of Wolverhampton and the Major of Birmingham will be attending as well as several important dignities from around the UK.

For more information and to download pictures, please visit our website on

About IWAJI (New Yam Festival)

Iwaji is an important event in the calendar of Igbo people all over the world. Since traditionally Igbo people have been agrarian in nature, the Yam has always been seen as Igboland’s most important crop. Harvesting of this crop typically happens around late July/early August. Hence August is the time to give thanks to God for the new yam and to celebrate the tasting of the new yam. The event also marks the end of an annual work cycle and the beginning of a new one. This crucial day has been celebrated for centuries and will always remain an important day in the lives of Igbo people.

About United Igbo & Friends in the West Midlands

United Igbo & Friends in the Midlands is a social and welfare voluntary organisation dedicated to the strengthening of the Igbo community in the West Midlands and the demonstration of Igbo culture to the people of the West Midlands and indeed the UK. Igbo people come from the eastern part of Nigeria (West Africa) and are one of the main Nigerian ethnic groups. The Culture is rich and versatile and dates back many centuries.

Media Contact
Jonas Obodoefuna – Publicity Secretary
United Igbo & Friends in the West Midlands
Email: / Phone: +44 (0) 7900 491 085

Okonko, one of masquerades at new yam festival
[ Okonko, one of masquerades at new yam festival ]

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