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Museveni appoints Taban Amin deputy ISO chief

- New Vision

( Wednesday, February 8, 2006 )

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"Amin once led a music band that called for a third term for President Museveni."

Maj. Gen. Taban Amin [Photo Left: Maj. Gen. Taban Amin, ]
President Yoweri Museveni has appointed Maj. Gen. Taban Amin, son of former president Idi Amin, the Deputy Director General of the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) in charge of West Nile and Congo, reports Hillary Kiirya. The appointment came during a meeting with Amin and other dignitaries in Arua on Friday, after Museveni addressed a rally there. A letter detailing Amin’s responsibilities has been delivered to him.

Amos Mukumbi, the acting Director General , yesterday confirmed Amin’s appointment on phone, saying, “This has been a long-standing appointment and has only just been formalised.”

Amin has been an ISO operative engaged in wooing Allied Democratic Force (ADF) rebels to surrender.

He is a former rebel leader, who once occupied Uganda’s embassy building in Kinshasha in the DRC. He later became a darling of the Government, when he returned from exile with his fighters.

Amin once led a music band that called for a third term for President Museveni.

Speaking on phone, Amin said, “I will ensure that there is peace between Uganda and Congo. People who matter in Congo are happy about this appointment.”

Earlier last year, Amin was quoted as saying PRA suspects arrested in West Nile had been recruited by the army to collect guns for cash from former rebels.

The then army spokesman, Shaban Bantariza, however, said Amin had no authority to talk about security matters.

Idi Amin( father of Maj. Gen. Taban Amin ) on Ugandan 50 shillings notes launched by him in 1973.
Idi Amin( father of Maj. Gen. Taban Amin ) on Ugandan 10 shillings notes launched by him in 1973. Amin came to power through a military coup in 1971, was deposed in 1979 and fled on exile to Saudi Arabia. He died August 16, 2003 at the age of 80.

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