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U.S. '08 Election Results

Masterweb News Desk

( Friday, November 7, 2008 )

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"U.S. Election Results at A Glance"

  *U.S. presidential election results are as follows:-

                           Obama - Democrat        McCain - Republican

Popular Votes            64,376,670 ( 52.5% )        56,706,233 ( 46.2% )

Electoral College votes           364                            162

     Other Results

Congressional Results: Senate

Democrats ....... 55 Seats,       Republicans ....... 40 Seats

House of Representatives

Democrats ....... 254 Seats,       Republicans ....... 174 Seats

  *Obama has put together a team to take him to the White House. The transition team includes, as chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, a former aide to President Bill Clinton.

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