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Saddam Trial of May 22, 2006
*Lawyer forcibly ejected from Saddam trial

*Click On Arrow in Picture To Watch Video.

Video of Saddam Trial of May 24, 2006

The trial of Saddam Hussein today descended into chaos again when guards forcibly removed a defence lawyer from the courtroom and the chief judge shouted down the former Iraqi leader: "You are a defendant now, not a president". The argument began when the chief judge, Raouf Abdel-Rahman, told defence lawyer Bushra Khalil she would be allowed to return to the court following her removal in April for arguing with a judge. But when she tried to make a statement about her previous ejection, he quickly cut her off and told her to "sit down". Ms Khalil protested: "I just want to say one word", but Mr Abdel-Rahman told the guards to remove her from the courtroom. Reuters reported that he described her behaviour as an "insult to justice". In anger, Ms Khalil pulled off her judicial robe and threw it on the floor, then tried to push away guards who were grabbing her hands. As she was pulled out of the court, Saddam objected, and the judge told him to be silent. "I'm Saddam Hussein, president of Iraq. I am above all," he shouted back. "You are a defendant now, not a president," the judge replied. The uproar was in.......   More 

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Saddam defence lawyer Bushra Khalil ordered removed from the courtroom by the judge.
Photo Above: Saddam defence lawyer Bushra Khalil ordered removed from the courtroom by the judge.

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