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Saddam look-alike arrested for speeding

- Masterweb News Desk

( Friday, June 23, 2006 )

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"Burgonson was working as a pizza delivery driver(aka pizza delivery boy) when he was arrested."

Saddam look-alike was arrested last Sunday for speeding and convicted under Iraq's traffic laws. Ichma Burgonson, aka Saddam number 6, was arrested for driving 70 mph in a 50 mph zone. His conviction was the first of a Saddam look-alike in over 25 years.

The approximately twenty officially employed Saddam look-alikes were immuned from prosecution before the US-led invasion of 2003. This was out of fear of judges and law enforcement accidentally prosecuting Saddam himself.

Burgonson was working as a pizza delivery driver(aka pizza delivery boy) when he was arrested.

In his defence, Burgonson told the court it was essential for Saddam look-alikes to deliver pizza on time because customers in some neighborhoods would be unwilling to tip them for a late service. Burgonson's lawyer argued his client increased speed after making a wrong turn.

Saddam look-alike competition went ahead in March 2003 despite the heavy bombing of Baghdad from the US-led invasion of Iraq. The competition was organized by the Baghdad chapter of the Official Saddam Hussein fan club. Saddam's third best impersonator and winner of the title in 1999, Mr S. Hussein officiated as the main judge of the event.

The contest was closely fought between hundreds of budding Saddams. The eventual winner, Mr Latif Suaoud narrowly edged out others in the final round by firing a rifle into the air while chanting "Down with Boosh!"

Commenting on his marginal surprise victory, Mr Suaoud said: "I knew that competition was fierce. Any one of six fellow Iraqi patriots could have won it as we entered the final swimsuit phase. My moustache is certainly thick and bristly like our great leader's, but so too were many of the other contestants. I knew I had to do something special, and I did." The man who has long been known to friends and family as "Little Saddam" added: "All my life, all my life, I'm so excited! It's a dream come true."

Mr Latif Suaoud( Right ) congratulated by Mr S. Hussein Left ).
Photo Above: Mr Latif Suaoud( Left ) congratulated by Mr S. Hussein, Main Competition Judge and Saddam's 3rd best impersonator & winner of the title in 1999( Right ).
Winner of Saddam look-alike in Chinese Sichuan newspaper Huaxi Daily's ten year anniversary celebration show.
Photo Above: Winner of Saddam look-alike in Chinese Sichuan newspaper Huaxi Daily's ten year anniversary celebration show. 'Entertainment shows' in Chinese provincial towns can range from the ridiculous to the obscene. Other features of Sichuan newspaper Huaxi Daily show include Hitler look-alike, fashion show and 'thrilling dances'.
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