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Saddam Faked WMD To Scare Iran

Masterweb News Desk

( Saturday, January 26, 2008 )

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"In a bombshell interview with CBSs 60 Minutes to be broadcast on Sunday, George Piro describes conversations with the ex-Iraqi leader in the debriefing."

Saddam being executed by hanging by masked men.
Photo Above: Saddam being executed by hanging by masked men Saturday, December 30. 2006.
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A new report reveals Saddam Hussein in order to prevent an Iranian invasion which he believed could happen, faked possession of weapons of mass destruction. The truth was Iraq had none. Saddam did not believe such strategy would draw the wrath of the U.S. with an invasion for his disarmament. He concealed the fact that he didn't have WMD to prevent an Iranian invasion. Eventually the perceived threat of a nuclear armed Iraq led to the invasion by the U.S. and Britain in 2003. Saddam was captured, tried and hung for crimes against humanity and not for possession of WMD as none was found.

FBI agent George Piro, a Lebanese-American and one of the few FBI agents who spoke Arabic, was assigned to debrief Saddam after his December 2003 capture. He spent seven months in the interviews, winning Saddam's confidence along the way. In a bombshell interview with CBSs 60 Minutes to be broadcast on Sunday, George Piro describes conversations with the ex-Iraqi leader in the debriefing. "He told me he initially miscalculated . . . President Bush's intentions.Thought the United States would retaliate with the same type of attack as we did in 1998 . . . a four-day aerial attack;" George Piro said in the interview. "For him, it was critical that he was seen as still the strong and defiant Saddam," said Piro. "He thought that faking having the weapons would prevent the Iranians from reinvading Iraq;" according to Piro. Months before his capture, Saddam was in a bunker in southeast Baghdad when it was bombed but survived the raid, Piro told CBS.

Iran and Iraq fought a bitter eight year war from 1980 to 1988 that took over one million lives. Iraq triggered the war with an invasion of Iran and Saddam fearing a revenge invasion faked possession of WMD as a deterrent to Iran.

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Saddam Hussein being dragged from his
Photo Above: Saddam Hussein being dragged from his "spider hole" by U.S. forces on December 13, 2003 after his capture.
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