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Video of Saddam death verdict
*Sentenced to death by hanging

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CNN VERSION( English )

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BBC VERSION( English )

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Video of Saddam Trial of May 22, 2006
Video of Saddam Trial of May 24, 2006

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Saddam Hussein defiantly shouted out in court Sunday as the Iraqi High Tribunal convicted and sentenced him to death for crimes against humanity. The ousted dictated responded to his death sentence by shouting, "God is great!" Saddam, his half brother, and another former official in his regime were sentenced to hang for the deaths of 148 people in the town of Dujail in 1982, following an assassination attempt on the former leader. Three of his co-defendants received.......   More 

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Saddam Hussein shouts in court after his sentencing.
Photo Above: Saddam Hussein gets loud in court yelling the defiant Arab battle cry "Allahu Akbar!" (God is Greatest) and "Long live Iraq" as the judgment was read. Saddam initially refused to stand when brought in to hear the verdict from Kurdish chief judge Raouf Abdul Rahman( insert in photo ). As he was led out of court, Saddam defiantly called the judge a traitor, and denounced what he called "the occupiers in Iraq." Saddam had been sentenced to death before in absentia in 1959 for trying to assassinate Iraq's then leader.
News Excerpt:

The clock in the courthouse was at high noon when Saddam Hussein was summoned to hear the punishment for his crimes.

There had been little question about the result. No one expected him to be found innocent, and the Iraqi prime minister had already called for his execution to be carried out quickly before the hearing that delivered the verdict had even been held.

The previous day, Saddam had met his lawyers in his prison at an American military base by Baghdad airport and told them that he knew he would be sentenced to death.

They described him as being in a jovial mood, smiling when told of the latest American casualties, and dismissing with a laugh the court that would determine his fate as "corrupt" and one "manipulated" by outside powers.

"There will be rivers of blood for years to come," he told them. "It will dwarf Vietnam."

He was somber though, as he made his way to the dock. Dressed in a black suit provided for him by his Turkish tailor and holding an ornate Koran in his left hand, he walked with a steady gait.

In front of him was the raised platform at which the five judges sat. Already the chief judge, Raouf Abdel Rahman, had issued the judgments on his seven co-defendants, reading from the documents in front of him.

Saddam sat down, leaned back in his chair, and looked at him. "Stand up to hear the judgment," Mr. Abdel Rahman instructed.

There was a flicker of surprise on the face of the man whose word had once been law in Iraq. "I will listen to the judgment, but I will not stand up," he said.

Two bailiffs were called to force him to his feet. One grabbed him by the elbow and twisted it. "Don't bend me, you ugly man," he shouted, looking shaken.

"There's no use, Saddam," the judge said, staring at him.

The sentence started to be read. After a few words, Saddam began to shout. It was a monologue that seemed rehearsed, a final act of defiance planned for broadcast to the Iraqi people and the Arab world. "Long live the people, long live the nation, down with the agents [of foreign powers]," he said. "God is great, God is great, God is great." The judge had continued reading the verdict throughout the outburst. Saddam looked directly at him. "Too hell with you," he said.

One of his lawyers jumped up and protested at the behavior of the bailiff standing in front of the dock, clearly grinning and chewing gum.

Saddam did not appear to care as the guard was ordered to leave the court. Accepting the sentence, he said: "We are man enough for it."   Click For Full News Article 

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