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Nigerian corpse in Belize sea

- Masterweb News Desk

( Saturday, December 23, 2006 )

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"On Saturday his friends received calls that Mbama was on Northern Highway acting strangely, picking and eating things from refuse dumps."

The body of a Nigerian resident of San Pedro, Belize was found floating in the sea Wednesday morning, in the Button Wood Bay area of Belize City. Belize City police identified the deteriorating body as that of 30 year-old Chibuike Mbama, a Nigerian immigrant. There was a cut wound at the back of Mbama’s head according to police reports. Mbama( short form of the Igbo name Mbamaghionyeukwu ) reportedly came into Belize City from San Pedro last Friday looking thin and very sick. His friends said his poor condition might have been as a result of lack of good job. They encouraged him not to go back to San Pedro, to see what they could do for him.

On Saturday his friends received calls that Mbama was on Northern Highway acting strangely, picking and eating things from refuse dumps. They tried to bring him back home unsuccessfully. He was later not seen again. His friends worried of his safety went to the police and filed a missing person report.

At 10.00 am Wednesday morning, Belize City police received report of a body floating in waters off Bally Gardens on Northern Highway. Police believe the body was in the water for about three days. A post-mortem was conducted on site, because of the condition of the body. The result was inconclusive, but police believe the cause of death was a cut wound on the back of Mbama's head.

Japeth Uzoigwe, a close friend of the deceased, described the incident as a very sad story to be painfully told Mbama's relatives in faraway Nigeria. He said it is heartbreaking for both Mbama's relatives and the Nigerian community in Belize. Mbama would be buried in Belize as funds for a Nigerian burial are unavailable according to sources.

Scene from Belize City
Photo Above: Scene from Belize City.
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