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Nigerian chief murdered in UK, 3 held

- Masterweb News Desk

( Wednesday, April 25, 2007 )

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"Awojoodu's neighbours told the police they saw three men entering his home on the day of the murder."

A Nigerian, Chief Clement Oluremi Awojoodu, a frail British pensioner, was found bound and murdered in his home on Erlanger Road, New Cross, south-east London on July 25 last year. Chief Awojoodu according to reports was tied up by his ankles and beaten to death. Awojoodu's murder was discovered and reported after a family friend saw two suspicious-looking men leaving his home on the fateful day. The family friend out of curiousity went to check on Awojoodu and found him bound and dead. She contacted the police immediately. Awojoodu's neighbours told the police they saw three men entering his home on the day of the murder.

Detectives from the Met's Specialist Crimes Directorate after extensive investigations, arrested three men and charged them with the murder. The arrested suspects were Peter Brown( a cleaner ), aged 44, of Sixth Avenue - Manor Park, Sedley Allen, aged 56, of Pevensey Road - east London, and Dacosta Whyte, aged 55, of no fixed address. An appeal by the police to the general public with image sketches of the suspects led to the arrests.

Chris Burgess, Division of Criminal Investigation(DCI) officer leading the murder hunt, in a press release said: "I am appealing for any information, especially anyone who may have seen two black men leaving these premises or in the area of Erlanger Road between noon and 1pm on Tuesday, July 25. It was lunchtime and this is a busy residential area. There is also a main road close by. You may have been driving on the one way system into Queens Road, or on a bus. Did you see or hear anything suspicious?"

The suspects remain in custody and have made several court appearances since their arrest. Their next trial is scheduled at London Central Criminal Court, commonly known as the Old Bailey, in June this year.

Chief Awojoodu's home in New Cross, south-east London.
Photo Above: Chief Awojoodu's home in New Cross, south-east London.
Central Criminal Court( Old Bailey ), London.
Photo Above: Central Criminal Court( Old Bailey ), London.
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