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Nigerian Businessman Murdered in the U.S.

- TheWBALChannel

(Friday, March 4, 2005)

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"We're looking into the possibility that he was targeted, we're looking into several leads right now," Baltimore County police spokesman Shawn Vinson said.

Towson, Maryland, U.S.A. - - Police are investigating several leads into a murder of a popular Nigerian businessman this week. The Nigerian community in White Marsh expressed shock Thursday while trying to make sense of the murder of Ralph Amadi, WBAL-TV 11 News reporter Lowell Melser reported.

Amadi, 49, was fatally shot one time in front of his home on Queensbury Road in Baltimore County Wednesday morning. Investigators are looking into the possibility that Amadi was targeted, Melser reported. "We're looking into the possibility that he was targeted, we're looking into several leads right now," Baltimore County police spokesman Shawn Vinson said.

Police would not release any possible motives, but they're looking into the possibility that the murder was a planned event, Melser reported. Those close to Amadi, who ran the Global Food Market, said the victim did not have any known enemies.

"The whole community, it's tough for us right now," said Chuck Amadi, a family friend. "I hope that the police will bring the criminals to justice."

Anyone with information about the murder should call the Baltimore County police by dialing (410) 307-2020.

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Baltimore County police are investigating the fatal shooting of a man whose body was found yesterday morning in a quiet subdivision.

A woman found the man's body about 7 a.m. on a grassy right-of-way at Queensberry and Broadbridge roads, police said. The man had been shot once, Officer Shawn Vinson, a county police spokesman, said yesterday.

Police today identified the man as Ralph Ihechukwuturu Amadi, 49, of the 100 block of Queensberry Road. Neighbors said he was a native of Nigeria. His wife was at a neighbor's house yesterday on Broadbridge Road, where friends gathered to be with her, but she declined to be interviewed.

In the three-year-old development, houses are in the $300,000 price range, according to residents. Many of the neighbors know each other.

Bloody snow where Amadi's body was found was still visible yesterday afternoon, just across the sidewalk from the cream-colored house with a two-car garage and burgundy shutters where, neighbors said, Amadi lived.

"I think maybe someone followed him here," said Lina Anaman, who lives across the street. "This is a very safe, quiet place."

Kashmira Patel, who also lives across the street, said she and her mother-in-law were at home when police knocked on their door about 8 a.m., but neither of them heard any gunshots yesterday morning or the night before. "We're not nervous," Patel said of the shooting, "just curious to know what happened."

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