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Ex-Vegas official murders Nigerian boxe

- Chris Saldaņa

(Thursday, November 17, 2005)

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"A Nigerian immigrant, Vincent Ekeoba, was stabbed several times after a confrontation involving the storeowner Jocelyn Nixon, Ekeoba and well-known city advocate, Michael Chambliss."

Michael Chambliss [Photo Left: Michael Chambliss ]
A former Las Vegas official is behind bars facing murder charges. Police say Michael Chambliss -- a former Las Vegas city planner -- stabbed a man to death last week. But he was just charged with the crime. Michael Chambliss is name familiar in the Las Vegas community for a number of reasons. He started an organization aimed at providing awareness and combating AIDS. But Tuesday, rather than serve as an advocate, he is booked in jail charged with murder.

On Nov. 10, Metro Police responded to a stabbing at a 7-Eleven. A Nigerian immigrant, Vincent Ekeoba, was stabbed several times after a confrontation involving the storeowner Jocelyn Nixon, Ekeoba and well-known city advocate, Michael Chambliss. Chambliss is now in police custody.

Metro Lieutenant Tom Monohan says Chambliss initially said he stabbed Vincent out of self-defense. But his story did not match with their investigation. "It was our consideration evidence that it was not going to be a case of self defense."

Friends of Vincent gathered outside the store where he worked and was stabbed and wanted to know exactly what happened from the storeowner. Friday Ahunanya, friend of the victim said, "He's a very friendly person. If you ask 9 out of 10 people, they will tell you how friendly and cool he is."

And many of them share the same sentiment when it comes to their feelings on who stabbed their friend. Friday Ahunanya says, "I want justice to prevail. I know he's influential and all that, but a murder is a murder. We are all citizens, all humans."

Chambliss is a chairperson for and one of the original founders of FACT -- Fighting AIDS in our Community Today. Executive Director Lionel Starkes says he and others can't believe Chambliss would do something like this.

Starkes said, "He was an activist in the community. I talked to him two days ago, it was a normal conversation we had." Chambliss is expected to make his first court appearance Thursday morning.

Vincent Ekeoba
Late Vincent Ekeoba
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