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Re: Before the sun sets on Ndigbo

By Kevin Ani

( Monday, October 8, 2007 )

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 Author  Masterweb

"Many of you quick to prescribe political behaviour for Igbo people weren't even around when the Igbo were in the driving seat of Nigeria." - Kevin Ani

*Article Reason For This Rejoinder is Published Further On This Page.

Mallam Abdulrazaque Bello-Barkindo, I dont know what you have to say about Igbo people, but your caption is unwarranted. What do you mean by sunset on Ndiigbo? Is that some kind of a joke or what? You and your people set on Igbo people and murdered over 3 million of them in 1966-70, hoping that the sun would set on Ndiigbo. Mr Gowon even gloated about it. But it hasn't happened, has it? Now over three decades on, you are still ranting about sunset on Ndiigbo, an event you will never live to witness in your lifetime. If the sun WILL set on anything, it is Fulani minority rule in Nigeria that will bite the dust . Why? Because the neo-apertheid system (where a minority Fulani cattle-men from the sahara desert who constitute no majority anywhere in Nigeria rule the negro majority) has no place in any modern society.

Many of you quick to prescribe political behaviour for Igbo people weren't even around when the Igbo were in the driving seat of Nigeria. That period was the golden age of Nigeria. If you dont know, go and ask your elders. By a twist of irony Mallam Bello and his people who wrent even ready for self-rule when the struggle was on are now the calling the shots. They have deformed Nigeria, created a corrupt, feudal oligarchy in their own decrepit image and expect the Igbo to function within the gross deformity of a state. Well they won't. If the consequence of the inability of the Igbo to function within your rigged system inhabited by Mr Yaradua, PDP etc. is sunset for Ndiigbo, so be it. In your estimation, is Yaradua a lackey or the embodiment of Fulani strength and wisdom? Could you explain to your readers five enviable characteristics of the Nigerian state that would propell the Igbo in the direction you have prescribed. While at it could you also exlain whether Ojo Maduekwe who is functioning well within your ideal system is an Igbo choice or Igbo reject?

Your article with its silly title is a discredit to you and whoever you represent. It suggests that even as deformed as Nigerian state has become, there are still theoreticians of the moribund system willing and able to prescribe the criteria for success within the failed state. What you lot appear to forget is that you do not have a monopoly over the creation and spread of malicious propaganda. Whatever you can do, the Igbo can do better. In 1966, you started a series of pogroms and killed 100,000 people because among other things, somebody released a record ewu na-ebe akwa. Now you have started a vicious anti-Igbo propaganda laced with offensive phraseologhy such as sunset on Ndiigbo. When the same Ndiigbo respond to your baiting, you resort to pogroms, riot and jihad.

I dont expect a person like you to understand this, it being a matter of ethics: in the land of injustice and wrong which Nigeria is, the outlaw becomes a hero. Think about it carefully before you open your mouth wider about PDP, Yaradua and all that rubbish.

Kevin Ani
Civil Rights Commission-NG

Map showing Nigeria's 36 States & the capital Abuja
Image Above: Map showing Nigeria's 36 States & the capital Abuja( referred to as Federal Capital Territory or F.C.T. )
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*Article Reason For Rejoinder Above is Published Below

Before the sun sets on Ndigbo
By Abdulrazaque Bello-Barkindo

Indulge me for a moment, in the hypothetical sense. I read and thoroughly enjoyed the delivery of governor Ohakim of Imo State at the World Ibo Congress in Detroit, Michigan a few weeks ago. I could not attend the occasion as I am non-Igbo, but I looked forward to the Ndigbo resolution, as any conscientious Nigerian would, with keen interest. This is because the Ndigbo are not only the most ubiquitous but, by far, among the most industrious race south of the Sahara. And they are my compatriots.

Unsubstantiated prejudices apart, Ndigbo are hardworking, shrewd and street-smart. In money-matters, Ndigbo are in a class of their own. In fact, some call them “the Jews of Africa.” There is even a crude autopsy reserved for the Igboman. People say when an Ibo slumps to the ground, a coin-drop will determine if he is dead or alive. If at the drop of that coin he neither winks nor blinks, consider his fall as the end of story.

These are people who, more than anyone else, know what makes the world go round. A couple of weeks ago, when they met in Detroit, Michigan, their guest speaker was the indefatigable Ikedi Ohakim, whose oratory is helping him be a cult-like icon. At first, he seemed unknown to most. To me, he was just one of the mendicant Igbo leaders that always spite their own to feather their nests. I imagined a wet-behind-the-ear politician attempting to galvanize a deeply skeptical audience.

While such meetings do not usually disparage their guests, I imagined that Ohakim would leave with a bloodied nose anyway. This conclusion is a product of my decade-long sojourn outside Nigeria during which I have interacted with all cadres of Ndigbo and come to....... More 

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