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Mercy Alu speaks on Obama, Clinton

*Alu on tips to close US democratic primary race

- Mercy Alu

( Monday, March 17, 2008 )

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"The United States of America is a democracy, not a dynasty. If there were something so amazing that Hillary Clinton could have done for the United States based on experience, why didn't she do it when she was in the white house." -Mercy Alu

Clinton now says Yes we will. Obama should say: Having the will to do something, does not necessarily mean that you CAN. CAN denotes the ability as well as intent. Hillary negates everything she claims on experience by this new theme. Hillary has not delivered on key things she said she would, as senator of New York. Hillary does not have the ability to be ready on day one as she claims. She has been the wife of the former president, which gives her the experience associated with all that we are trying to improve on today in Washington. But she has never ran a country herself. Hillary shows the reason why she voted for the war in Iraq in the first place, by going into negativity every time she is on the losing end, or when someone else gets a win. Instead of focusing on the issues at hand, she distracts everybody from the real issues, by turning negative, even downright nasty.

This is an immature approach to problem solving. Hillary is so bent on winning, that the key issues cease to really matter. She wants Michigan and Florida to count, not because she is so patriotic, but because, even though they earned their penalty for breaking party rules, the non-campaign votes will help her win. If the tables were turned and Obama was on the other side, she would make an issue about letting those votes count. Hillary has never been focused on one campaign theme, how do you expect her to deliver the results she promises if she can't focus in an ordinary campaign. It is March, and she is still trying to cultivate the Hillary the public likes to see.

Why does the Hillary the public likes to see need to be cultivated, if like she says, she is ready from day one? This is a strong instability of purpose and theme. She has shown that she lacks the ability to take direct initiative, as much as she claims to be detailed. When Obama says Yes we can, Hillary says Yes we can. Until the public and media catch on, then she changes it to Yes we will. She rides on the coattails of the momentum of the time, and doesn't originate much. Her changing of themes all the time, show that she really doesn't have a concrete plan of how to actually do the things she promises. She goes out of her way to dig up possible dirt on Obama, who is a human being, just like the secret she told fox media, that she is just a human being. Obama can point out that he does not go out of his way to dig dirt on her, it is in full view for the public to consider the Clintonian issues, scandals and all. Obama can do this without coming off his gentlemanly and nice guy approach.

The United States of America is a democracy, not a dynasty. If there were something so amazing that Hillary Clinton could have done for the United States based on experience, why didn't she do it when she was in the white house. Eight years is more than enough. Why does she need another four or eight years, totaling twelve or sixteen years to do it? Other presidents that have made such positive impact only needed eight. It is time to let someone new emerge. It is time for Obama!!!

Mercy Alu
Photo Above: Mercy Alu
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