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American Race Issue

- Mercy Alu

( Wednesday, April 2, 2008 )

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"The fact that he injected his own political views, fueled by his own life experiences and assumptions very much real to his own generation, does not mean that these views belong to the congregation." -Mercy Alu

Following the controversy over Reverend Wright's divisive and hateful comments from the pulpit, I have a few suggestions to help tackle this. I attended the University of Illinois College of law, Champaign Illinois, and a campus of the University of Pennsylvania. I humbly offer these tips.

Reverend Wright has something in common with the rest of America, including all races, he is an American Citizen. We may assume the church members are mostly American Citizens. When Reverend Wright damns America, Reverend Wright damns himself. This is a challenger approach to dealing with the long bred emotions surrounding race issues in America, within the political context, albeit from the pulpit. If this does not show an unpolished, raw, ignorant, assumption based approach to politics, I don't know what else does.

The fact remains that Reverend Wright is not a politician. His views on the divisive comments are not Senator Obama's views. The church in which he used to pastor, is not a cult. Individuals attending church service are free to take the parts of the sermon that minister to them. The fact that he injected his own political views, fueled by his own life experiences and assumptions very much real to his own generation, does not mean that these views belong to the congregation.

Senator Obama comes from a multi-racial background, within his immediate family. This is his internal makeup, regardless of how his skin color turned out. Reverend Wright does not share this background. All of us know, that in a political campaign, there are those who support one candidate over another for any variety of reasons. The statement that the Reverend makes to explain why "...folks are hating on Obama...", sounds downright ignorant, even in vocabulary. Everybody knows this is a political race, and non supporters of a particular candidate do not necessarily hate the candidate. He explained this point in such a manner as to ignore the white, hispanic, black, and other voters, including Americans from around the globe, who voted for and endorsed Senator Obama. It is only common sense to see that his point of view, expressed in his statements, to this particular audience present during that church service, are very narrowminded and completely useless in advancing whatever cause he was representing.

Besides the now retired Reverend Wright's unfortunate personal controversial views on some topics, the entire United Church of Christ itself, is made up of approximately 90 percent white members, with this particular branch, although predominantly African-American, including white members. It is important to note that Reverend Wright's statements were injurious, not only to Senator Barack Obama's campaign, the American people, but to Reverend Wright himself. mercy Alu

Rev. Jeremiah Wright (left), Ex-US President Clinton (right)
Photo Above: Rev. Jeremiah Wright (left), Ex-US President Clinton (right) holding personal discussion in a 1998 Clinton White House prayer breakfast attended by approximately 100 religious leaders.
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