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Diaspora Igbo Child Empowerment Video

When a child knows exactly who he is and where his roots are, he is better armed to rule the world. This video depicts the activities of the Igbo Union of Finland towards empowering their children culturally.

*Video Production by:- Ike Chime, Chimedia Production
Ike Chime has been involved in the media for over a decade. He is currently working as producer for Finnish Lähiradio radio station. Send Email To Ike Chime

Youtube Author: Hamattan

*Click On Arrow in Picture To Watch Video.

Diaspora Igbo Child Empowerment Video

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Igbo Diaspora, Leadership, and the Igbo Tragedy - What is Igbo Diaspora leadership? Who are these Igbo leaders in Diaspora and how does one measure their leadership roles in Igbo nation? Where are they and where can they be found? Let's take a look at this very long list: World Igbo Congress (Igbo umbrella, alpha and omega); "Igbo People’s Union"; Ohanaeze Nd’Igbo and its efulefu bunch; the wannabe town hall meeting format of the Dallas-Fort Worth Igbo Cultural Association of Nigeria; the ridiculous Igbo Forum handlers and moderators who could not.......   More 

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Map of Igboland in Nigeria.
Photo Above: Map of Igboland in Nigeria.

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